The Book – Rat Scabies & The Holy Grail

A recent review of ‘Rat Scabies & The Holy Grail’

“So you wondered about the Grail and Rennes-le-Chateau since you’ve finished The Da Vinci Code? Well, how bloody difficult can it be to find an old and battered cup?

Christopher Dawes didn’t necessarily want to find out, until his neighbour Rat Scabies (the drummer of The Damned, a famous punk band from England – don’t you remember Eloiiiiiiise?) drags him to France and goes on to find the Grail.

“So many intelligent people have tried to find the Grail. All have failed. It’s time the stupid people have a try. And that’s where you and me come in.” – something like this is Scabies’ remark as to why they are looking for an artefact that has been chased through the ages.

With many humorous episodes, Dawes describes his adventures with Scabies in France and elsewhere. It is an entertaining read for people who already know about the topic Rennes-le-Chateau from other books, but it also is entertaining for newcomers to the subject who refrain from reading purely scientif works like “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”.

You can’t go wrong with this one. It’s very entertaining, and also has some refreshing new ideas. For example: What kind of sex-life did Sauniere have, if any?

And if you want to know how to Build Your Own Ark of the Covenant, you should either buy the book or rip out that one page at your local book store.

Have fun with this one.”